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Local Digital Human Experience Project

Introducing Las Animas – Bent County Library’s Human Experience Library

The LABC Library is building a local human experience digital collection to save for future generations. This will serve as an ongoing digital ‘time capsule’ for local stories and artifacts.

What is it?

Share a personal story, a piece of art, personal writings, songs, or videos that we will archive as a series of ‘snapshots’ of local happenings. Do you remember life in Bent County in the 50s, 60s, or even earlier? How about ten years ago…what was happening in town at the time? Are things happening now that you would like to preserve for future generations?

What is Accepted? 

We accept digital forms of these artifacts or, once the library reopens, you can tell your story in our new Audio-Video Room where we will record it and add it to our local Human Experience Library.


How Many Times Can a Person send a submission?

We accept multiple submissions.

Who can participate?

All Bent County residents are welcome to participate and this is open to all ages! A library card is not required to make a submission, but they’re free if you’d like one!

What Format can submissions be in?

All contributions must be available in digital format. We can accept submissions in one of the following formats:

JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP4, etc. (maximum file size: 250mb)

We can also accept submissions in the format of external links to YouTube or other open, web-based publishing platforms.


Need help? Once the library reopens, we will be able to offer assistance as well as schedule appointments for the Audio-Video room for those who would like to record an entry.

Is thre a submission Deadline?

This is an ongoing project, so there are no deadlines for submissions.

What Next?

This portion is nearly complete, so check back in the next few days!

After completing an online contribution form, the library staff will review it.

The library reserves all rights to publish the work in appropriate platforms in the future.

You will be notified with updates about the project, or if the library staff need more information, via your contact information.

When your submission is an accepted contribution, it may be included in a digital or physical exhibit curated by Las Animas – Bent County Library District and may eventually be included in larger archives.


Prepare or begin thinking about your contributions, as more information and an online submission portal will be available this week.

Thank you!

COVID-19 Stories

For the launch of this project, we are focusing on COVID-19 stories. We are living in a historic time and experiencing a unique time in society. We are excited to collect COVID-19 stories from everyone. What was this time like for you? Did you learn a new skill? Create art? Bake something delicious? Write a song? Together – Apart, what was this time like for you?

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